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The Novum Coin pre-sale is starting soon

Novum Coin allows you to pre-purchase access to our research and reports on Blockchain, ICOs, and emerging technologies.


White Paper coming soon. Tokenomics to be explained in detail then.
Join us on Telegram here. Accepting BTC, ETH, and LTC.
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Novum Coin gives you access to current research and gives us funding for our next deep dive

Our digital currency allows holders of the coin to access our reports and information resources at a discount to regular users. Pre-selling subscriptions using crypto currency also funds further research.


We are tracking blockchain startups and ICOs from the financial sector and far beyond.


We are exploring the world of both narrow and deep applications of AI.


We are looking at the leading trends and startups in the fintech space.


We are connecting to the vast potential of IoT from home to transport and beyond.


We are keeping tabs on the latest developments in the world of cybersecurity.


We are watching new startups and trends coming from both VR and AR technology

Blockchain is just the beginning

Our first report, into Blockchain, identified the top 20 Blockchain startups to watch. You’ll get access to this as well as our data product, which will give you insights not available anywhere else.

Companies Tracked

$ Blockchain Deals in 2017

Initial Crypto Offerings

Blockchain Startups Tracked

The robust data product is in private beta, but will be available soon to those who participate in the pre-sale

Machine Learning Algorithms

We are building Machine Learning algorithms to help investors assess the future value of start-ups.

The Novum Score

Our unique blend of technology streams leads to truly differentiated, actionable insights about companies across emerging tech fields.

Team Profiling

We are deploying Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning tools to automatically profile start-up teams.

Why ICO?

The Problem

Legacy information providers are failing to serve the decentralised economy.

There is a pressing need for tokens to take the place of research subscriptions or paid terminals.

The fear and loathing surrounding initial coin offerings and handwringing around scams is due to a lack of information.

The Solution

Novum will ensure that the cryptocurrency market does not become an insiders’ rigged economy and instead is democratised, allowing in new money, new ideas, and new companies.

The Novum Coin is an access token providing users with the utility of accessing research from our big data analytics engine.

Novum is not only the best information resource on the token economy, but also the wider innovation, venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Save your spot in the pre-sale now and get first access to our data product when Novum Coin goes live.

Disclaimer: We will be publishing a white paper soon that should be read carefully before purchasing Novum Coin.